Auction Fundraiser Tips

Looking for some auction fundraiser tips? Fundraising auctions have become an increasingly popular way to raise funds because they are a quick and easy method that can net thousands of dollars.

Schools, churches, nonprofit groups, and youth sports leagues have discovered that you can easily double or triple the amount raised at any event by adding an auction fundraiser. These articles include tips for both live auction and silent auction approaches.

Silent Auction Tips – How to advice for improving results from your silent auction. Tips for auction success at your next fundraising event by maximizing bidding activity through proper item display and making it very easy for supporters to place bids.

Fundraising Auction Tips – Fundraising tips on how to get more out of your next auction fundraiser – The importance of using a professional auctioneer for a live auction with big-ticket items.

Chinese Auction – Chinese auctions: Extra profit tips and how a Chinese auction compares with a silent auction for fundraising.

Auction Fundraiser – Unique strategies for live auction fundraisers – Tips on using fundraising auctions that will boost your results.

Nonprofit eBay Fundraiser – Putting together a nonprofit eBay fundraiser – How eBay’s Giving Works program can help your nonprofit group raise funds fast. Includes information on how to sign up, getting a revenue share deal, and promoting your own auctions.

Celebrity Charity Auctions – Why more celebrity charity auctions are moving online – Donated items from celebrities for charitable causes often fetch unbelievable prices on eBay.

Fundraiser Raffle Ideas – Tips on putting together fundraising raffles – Fundraiser raffle ideas for any size group – Prize selection and ticket price tips.

Requesting Free Samples – How to request free samples and bulk donations for nonprofit or school fundraising events.

Accept Credit Card Donations – Top three ways to accept credit card donations online – How to choose a merchant account when you outgrow outsourced solutions.