Auction Fundraiser

Auction Fundraiser

Description: An auction done as a fundraising event can be the focal point of a fun evening. Get donated goods, gift baskets, gift certificates, and other popular items. Don’t forget service-based organizations when looking for donations. Also, seek out a professional auctioneer for maximum results. Their patter is part of the fun.

Best Suited For: Medium/Large groups

Prospective Customers: Varies with items being auctioned.Bargain hunters.

Comments: Look at eBay for ideas on what to auction. Can be big producer if done right. Must have big turnout, someone to egg the crowd on, need reserve levels on high-ticket items. Group things by categories and announce those in advance. Provide something for everyone. Great event to add a supplement.

Feel Good Rating: Five stars

Auction Fundraiser Ratings

Financial Aspects (1 – 10 scale): Profitability Ranking 8 Average Unit Price 7 Dollar Volume Per Participant 8 Percentage to Organization 8 Total Dollars to Organization 8 Subtotal (maximum of 50)


Pros & Cons (1 – 5 scale): Community Impression 5 Organizational Impact 4 Quality of Deliverables 4 Risks 4 Hidden Costs (freight, etc.) 5 Subtotal (maximum of 25)


Commitment Required (1 – 5 scale): Preparation Time 3 Selling Effort 4 Collecting Funds 5 Processing Orders 5 Delivering Goods 4 Subtotal (maximum of 25)


Overall Ranking:


(On a scale of 1 to 100)

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