Auction Donations From Pro Sports Teams

Another good way to get fundraising auction donations is to contact professional sports teams. Every pro sports team has a policy of supporting nonprofit organizations in their area by donating items that the groups can use to raise funds.

How To Get Fundraising Auction Donations From Pro Sports Teams

The good news is that this donation request is fairly easy to do and the donated items will add a lot of value to your silent auction. Here’s how to contact all the pro sports teams to request a donation.

Each league uses a standard approach for nonprofit in-kind donation requests from teams. Some teams also have favorite causes to which  they’ll provide additional support.

Just use the link to the league’s website and follow the instructions below:

Major League Baseball (MLB) – Select your local team, click on “Community” tab, then select “Fundraising & Giving”, then select “In-Kind Donation Requests”.

National Basketball Association (NBA) – Select your local team, click on “Community” tab, then click on “Donation Requests”.

National Football League (NFL) – Pick your team from the logo list across the top, then click on the “Community” tab, then click on “Donations”, then select “Merchandise”.

National Hockey League (NHL) – Select your hockey team, click on “Community” tab, then click on “Donations”.

Most teams provide autographed photos, signed game jerseys, team posters, and other items. There is usually a limit of one donation request per year per nonprofit group. Given the popularity of professional sports memorabilia, having these type of items in your silent auction can help increase attendance at your event and draw lots of bids from fans.

Don’t forget that you can also boost your auction revenue by adding consignment items from companies like Charity Fundraising. There is no cost to your group and zero risk because you only pay for the items that sell. They offer sports memorabilia as well as signed musical items and celebrity items

Fundraising Note: Most pro sports teams also provide non-profit groups some nice fundraising opportunities on game days such as working the concession stands for a percentage of their sales. Some teams also let groups raise funds by serving as vendor salespeople in the stands.

It’s a hard day’s work, but motivated groups can raise a significant amount for their cause.