How To Do An Archery Fundraiser

An archery fundraiser uses competition to make a great fundraising activity and will draw a lot of interest from the younger crowd due to the incredible popularity of the Hunger Games books and movies. You can do this as a standalone fundraiser or as part of a larger event.

Because not everyone is going to be an experienced archer, make sure you provide some basic lessons for would be competitors before they have to make every shot count. You can even offer archery lessons as a door prize or as a silent auction item.

Publicity is the key to getting a large turnout, so you should consider partnering with a local archery center or sporting goods store. The archery center would be a great place to hold the event, so check with them first and determine their interest level.

As always, the fundraising maxim of “What’s in It For Me?” is what you need to consider when making your pitch. That’s because business owners often resent being approached time and again to donate goods or services when they are getting nothing in return.

Pitch your proposal by emphasizing lots of new customers, increased exposure, prominent mention in all the event publicity materials. You can even offer to promote their business by offering lessons as part of a prize package or as a ticket raffle door prize. If you state that you will pay for those prizes, then you will get a much better reception from the archery business.

Be sure that they know that you are aiming for a family-style fun event and will be including activities for all age ranges. Lay out your planned fundraising activities and make sure they don’t have a problem with any of it.

Raise Funds With An Archery Fundraiser Tournament

For soliciting donated goods and services from other businesses to offer in your silent auctions, pay attention to this merchant partner plan. Developing a relationship ahead of time and emphasizing what you can do for them in return goes a long way toward getting more donations to auction off.

Depending on the scale of your archery fundraiser, you’ll want to sell tickets ahead of time and will need a central check-in area for competitors. If its a large event, you’ll need a stage area for live music, food and refreshments as well as restrooms.

Also, silent auction items are huge part of raising money at events, so you’ll need enough space to properly showcase each donated item or service. These don’t have to be archery related, but the more of them you have and the better they are displayed, the more money your group will raise.

Follow these silent auction tips and be sure to devote time to getting media coverage because you want a big turnout and can’t afford to rely solely on word of mouth. Don’t forget social media. Set up a Facebook fan page for your event and get your supporters to “Like” it and “Send” it to their friends.

You can also emphasize that donations are welcome from those who can’t attend. In fact, you can also have a big plastic jar labeled “Donations” right next to your food and drink area.

Make your event as fun as possible by including something for all age groups. You can even have junior archery competition using play arrows with rubber suction cups and a target drawn on a dry erase board.

Include fun things to do for all the youngsters like face painting, bean bag toss competitions, bubble blowers, inflatable rentals for jumping around in, eating contests, etc.

Wrap up your event by announcing the silent auction winners, raffle prize winners, and of course, the archery competition winners.

Take lots of photos of all the archery competitors and post them to your event’s Facebook page. Be sure to prominently feature the winners as online kudos are always well received.

Fundraising is all about providing fun, popular ways to support your cause. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and leverage the popularity of the Hunger Games with an archery fundraiser.