Animal Fundraising Ideas

Animal Fundraising – Whether you are raising funds for the SPCA, fundraising for animal shelters, or the police K-9 unit, pet-oriented fundraisers have become increasingly popular.

When it comes to fundraising for animal causes, it pays to remember that people love to spoil their pets. Million of dollars are spent every year on pet supplies and pet pampering in the U.S. alone. Cash in on some of that spending to benefit your favorite animal charity.

Here’s a fundraising idea to try for your next animal fundraiser. The best way to make your animal rescue fundraising a success is to partner with a pet supply store and set up a sales table in front of their store.

Be sure to gain their cooperation by making sure there is something in it for them because you’ll need their permission to fundraise in front of their store. One good way is to buy all your animal fundraising supplies from the store a few days ahead of time. You can also offer to have store coupons available at your table.

Animal Fundraising Treats

Buy dog treats from your partner store and package them in bags of five, ten, and twenty-five. They may sell them to you at a discount, but if not, buy theirs anyway.

Next, you’ll want to create cute, dog-themed treat bundles. Go to a local fabric store and purchase bolts of doggie theme fabric, ribbon, card stock paper, and a doggie paw stamp. Again, the fabric store may offer you a discount if you tell them about your charitable cause.

Cut fabric squares into sizes to bundle your treats. Place the treats onto the fabric square and tie off the top with the ribbon or string. Cut the card stock into small squares and stamp a dog paw on each one.

On the other side of the paper square, write the name of your animal fundraising cause, be it a shelter, a rescue group, or charity. Tie the paper label onto your bundle with the string or ribbon.

Price your animal fundraising doggie treat bundles in even dollar amounts, at roughly double your cost. Make sure there is enough profit without over pricing the treats and you’ll raise more funds.

Fundraising For Animal Charities

A more labor intensive offering at your Animal Charity table could be dog bandanas, made out of the same or similar fabric you purchased for your treats. This would take some time by volunteers to sew the edges to prevent raveling. Offer the bandanas in sizes for small, medium and large dogs.

Make signs for your fundraising table that are easy to read from a distance. State clearly the shelter or charity you are raising money for and why. While your table should be easily accessible, do not interfere with the business of the pet store.

Raising funds for animals can be very rewarding. You are helping those who are unable to help themselves and the pet shopping public always responds well to such a good cause. You’ll raise more money than you thought possible for your animal fundraising!