Affiliate Marketing Fundraiser Ideas

If you’re looking for a profitable online fundraising idea, then you need to consider doing an affiliate marketing fundraiser. It’s easy to set up and a quick moneymaker. All you have to do is introduce your supporters to a custom page of consumer product offers from top companies.

What kind of affiliate offers are included in this online fundraiser?
How about Blockbuster Video, Columbia House DVDs, Netflix, Sirius Satellite Radio, PeoplePC internet service, free business cards from Vista Print, the full line of As Seen On TV products, and many more.

What kind of affiliate commissions are we talking about?
In this fundraiser, commissions for signups on any of these offers for goods and services range from a low of $5 per signup for free business cards to $30 per signup for internet service from PeoplePC.

A trial of the Sirius satellite radio service earns your group $20 and the subscriber gets a free Sirius radio receiver out of the deal. Talk about an easy sale!

Signups for Netflix pay $12 or the Blockbuster Total Access package pays out $15. You can also earn $15 when one of your supporters signs up With Columbia House DVD service, plus they get five DVDs for just $0.49 each.

How does this online affiliate marketing fundraiser work?
It’s surprisingly simple and very easy to get started. All you have to do is enroll your group by completing a simple form.

The information you submit is then used to create a free custom website for your group. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a school, church, youth group, sports team or charity. Your group’s name and fundraising goal is on every page.

All you have to do is promote your site and get people to visit. These great consumer offers will do the rest!

You can send professional emails from the site to all your friends and supporters. Each email is addressed from your email address to the recipients email address, so you are completely in control of all communications.

You can also print out fundraising flyers customized with your group’s information that detail all these great offers. Your website link is on each one, so anyone can easily signup.

How much can your group make with this online fundraiser?
As with any fundraising program, it depends on several factors. Most important is how many people you can get to visit your site.

It’s also a good idea to “pre-sell” your supporters on how great these offers are and how signing up for them through your site will support your group.

A school fundraiser with 500 students that generates 1,000 signups for various offers could easily raise $15,000 or more. And that’s with only two signups per student, one from their own household and one from a referred friend or neighbor.

Just imagine how much you could make if you expanded your reach to an even larger audience including relatives, parent’s co-workers, or the general public. And, you can fundraise year round if you want.

Everything is handled by your site, so there are no orders to process, no money to handle, and no deliveries to make. All you have to do is cash your monthly check.

So, where do you signup for this fundraising program?
Simply click the link below and you’ll be in business in ten minutes!

You are under no obligation to proceed, but because so many other groups are jumping on the affiliate marketing bandwagon, you don’t want to hesitate.