Add Excitement To Your Fundraising Event

The best way to raise more money at your fundraising event is to add more fun and excitement. An easy way to do that is to add some dramatic flair with raffles and prize drawings that grab everyone’s interest.

By adding attention-getting raffle drums and prize wheels, you will increase participation in your raffles and prize drawings. And there’s no reason why you can’t do six different types of raffles and offer multiple chances for your guests to win door prizes, gift baskets, electronic gadgets, vacation getaways and other goodies.

And you can rent these event accessories from event rental suppliers, so there’s not a lot of extra cost involved. Here’s ten ways they add excitement to your event.

10 Reasons How Raffle Drums and Prize Wheels Promote Excitement

If you are looking to liven up a fundraising event, help promote new products, or simply schedule an employee appreciation gathering, the tools needed for the job are raffle drums and prize wheels. Their appearance is unmistakable; their task undeniable: Create excitement!

10 reasons how raffle drums and prize wheels:

Raise Big Money: Fund raising is a necessity when it comes to schools, nonprofit clubs, and charity organizations. The big advantage to running a raffle is the prizes are donated more often than not. What this means to the operator is the tickets purchased can provide you with 100% profit, a lucrative endeavor indeed and a boon to those organizations that rely on monetary donations.

Accommodate Any Event: There are more applications than just fundraising. Employee contests, trade shows, fairs, and other public gatherings that offer door prizes are just a few of the situations that can benefit from these colorful and eye-attracting displays.

Offer Multiple Sizes: In the market for a drum or “wheel of fortune”? Select the product best suited to your particular application. This can be either a floor-standing or table top model. Obviously the smaller units are more suitable for the table or counter top, while the floor models command more attention with their larger sizes. These models are much better suited to larger events because they can be seen from greater distances.

Come in Many Shapes: A drum is a drum, right? Besides the standard round drum there are other shapes available, such as an octagonal drum. This particular design, with its eight faceted sides, helps to agitate the tickets with greater visual impact while spinning. Other drum shapes include themes like footballs and globes for those searching for a more specific application.

Build Excitement by Sight: Raffle drums come in a dizzying array of materials, including clear acrylic plastic and metals such as brass screen. What both of these materials provide is the ability to see the tickets inside the drums. The greater the number of tickets sold, the greater the mass of tickets is displayed inside the drums, adding to the anticipation.

Build Excitement by Sound: Both raffle drums and award wheels incorporate features that appeal to that other sensory perception: sound. Raffle drums build excitement with the tickets spinning round and round, and those tickets can definitely be heard! Similarly, prize wheels incorporate a clicker that creates a machine gun noise as the wheel is taken for a spin. If you’ve ever been to a casino, you’ll appreciate what a head-turner spinning prize wheels are.

Customize the Experience: Primarily a prize wheel feature, some of these rotating displays are customizable. The pie-shaped sections of the wheels incorporate clear pockets for inserting your own award items. These can be simple affairs with hand-drawn messages saying $50 Dollar Gift Certificate, Free Tickets, or some other phrase, while other models supply full color templates you can add your phrases to and print them from your computer for a more professional appearance.

Include Audience Participation: Part of the fun that’s created with spinning a drum or prize wheel is being involved. Who doesn’t like to roll a raffle drum or give that prize wheel a spin? Participants love to spin the wheel for prizes or be the one to read the ticket number from the drum.

Spin, Spin, Spin: The allure of these promotional tools is the action. When raffle drums and prize wheels spin, they attract the eye. This constant motion offers an engaging and dynamic method to hold one’s attention. If you’ve ever seen “Wheel of Fortune” on TV, no one ever changes the channel before waiting to see where the wheel stops.

Motivate and Celebrate: Reward success and results through achievements, anniversaries, customer appreciation, sales incentives, fund raising, free samples, door prizes, lotteries, sweepstakes, the list goes on and on.

Raffle drums and prize wheels are an affordable way to drum up excitement at virtually any public event. Take these helpful tips into account towards making your next promotion a great success. Good luck and more importantly, have fun. This is what raffle drums and prize wheels are all about.

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