About Us

Fundraiser Help is a web-based business that provides free fundraising information to site visitors. The website also provides an ebook (electronic book) for sale that contains all of the information on the website.

Our mission statement is to help fundraisers maximize their success by providing information and fundraising tips. Hundreds of articles deliver fundraising “how to” advice on creating event publicity, improving results by following proven sales methods, and leveraging organizational skills.

Fundraiser Help is a family-owned business run by Greg and Kimberly Reynolds. Both are long-time fundraisers with six children aged 13 through 28. Greg and Kimberly have been actively involved with various fundraising efforts for the last quarter century.

Both have been supporters, volunteers, youth coaches, organizers, and leaders. Their parents were also heavily involved with fundraising activities as well. Kimberly’s mother worked as an executive director for the United Way, while Greg’s father was Little League Commissioner in his hometown. Both got plenty of firsthand fundraising experience even as children.

The Fundraiser Help website has been online since January of 2001, drawing over 2 million visitors annually.

The company has been featured on the AFRDS (Association of Fund Raising Distributors and Suppliers) website, on the CNN website, has been recognized for its contributions to the tsunami relief fundraising efforts, and was recently named “Cool Site of the Day.”