About Me

Kimberly Reynolds

Hi! I’m Kimberly Reynolds and I’ve been writing fundraising articles since 1999. My first book, Fundraising Success, was published in 2002 and became the basis for this website.

Now that are kids are all grown up (the youngest just started college), my husband and I do a LOT less school fundraising and youth sports fundraisers than we used to, but also a whole lot more fundraising events now.

That’s why you’ll see me writing more articles about unique event ideas like the Hunger Games fundraiser or the Ninja challenge along with lots more how to tips for events. That’s not to say that the help information we have on Fundraiser Help about school fundraising or youth sports candy sales isn’t any good. If you are doing those types of fundraisers, then that information is well worth reading.

Since we moved the old HTML website over to a WordPress blog, its a lot easier for readers to find things without me having to list all the related articles on every page. Plus, its much easier to just write!

You can read more about Fundraiser Help on our Google+ page: Find us on Google+

So, thanks for stopping by Fundraiser Help. Hope it helps!