7 Ways To Raise Funds For A Mission Trip

If you want to raise funds for a mission trip, here are 7 fun ways to raise money quickly. When fundraising for a cause, there are three main choices: asking for donations, organizing an event, or offering something of value that others need or want.

7 Ways To Raise Funds For Mission Trip

There are numerous ways to ask for donations and there is nothing wrong with doing “the ask” to support your church mission trip, but in this article we’ll stick with some simple event ideas and a couple of fundraising products to raise the needed funds. However, we do have lots of other articles about donation request letters and how to raise money with online fundraising appeals that go into great detail about what works and what doesn’t.

Raise Funds For Mission Trip Ideas

These seven ideas will work well for raising money for mission trips or for church youth group fundraisers.

  1. Church Yard Sale – Organize a massive yard sale fundraiser in the church parking lot. Have church members bring in items from their attics or garages that they no longer want. Offer an item pickup service.
  2. Fun Fundraisers – Comedy Night, Lip Sync or Karaoke Night, Miniature Golf Tournament, Talent Show, Zombie Run, Zombie Prom, Rocking Chair Marathon, Food Truck Rodeo, Cow Chip Bingo, etc.
  3. Fundraising Challenges – Obstacle course run, Hunger Games, ninja competition, bike race, eating contests, thumb wrestling championship, triathlon, mud run fundraiser, world record attempts, etc.
  4. Fundraising Raffle – Put together a raffle fundraiser of donated goods and services. Get more donations by using our silent auction request letter. Sell raffle tickets to raise money for your mission trip.
  5. Cash Calendar Fundraiser – Combines a calendar fundraiser with a cash raffle. Basically, you charge more for the calendar and 50% of raffle ticket proceeds becomes prize money for for winners.
  6. Sell Pizza Discount Cards – A pizza card fundraiser involves selling $10 discount cards offering 2-for-1 pizza deals at national chains. Cost is $1 to $2, depending on order size. Sell outside grocery stores.
  7. Sell Restaurant Gift Cards – These Restaurants.com fundraising cards sell for $20 and provide $100 worth of gift certificates to local restaurants. You make 50% profit on each sale.

When raising money for mission trips, the more fun that you can make the activity then the more money you will raise because fun events attract larger crowds. You can combine various fundraising activities together into a larger event or do multiple smaller events. The most important thing to do is to provide plenty of different ways to raise funds per event.

Good luck with your mission trip fundraising!