7 Unique Fundraising Ideas For Small Groups

When trying to raise money, many people look for unique fundraising ideas for small groups that are easy to do and that don’t cost a lot of money to put together. So, here are 7 unique ideas for small group fundraisers that just about any group should be able to pull off.

Unique fundraising ideas for small groups

7 Unique Ideas For Small Group Fundraisers

Taste Of The Town
This one is food tasting event featuring the best foods from your town. You want to get some really good chefs to participate. One way to do that is to make your event a Friday luncheon and hold it in a trendy, high-traffic location.

Sell advance tickets and also charge admission at the door for drop-ins. Give your featured chefs prime spots to show off their skills. Add in local bakeries, delis, craft beer and anything else. You can even make this a monthly fundraiser event.

Cow Pie Bingo Fundraiser
An outdoor event that can be great fun for a wide range of people. You are selling raffle chances for the marked-off bingo square where the cow pie will drop in a field.

Add live music and some family fun activities to attract a big crowd. Read more here on doing a cow pie bingo fundraiser.

Food Truck Rodeo
Food trucks are all the rage. This is a great fundraiser for small groups who can arrange space to bring all the local food trucks together for a foodie competition. Have some celebrity judges and live music to keep people involved and having fun. Silent auctions are also great money-makers when displayed prominently.

Wine Tasting
Putting together a wine tasting fundraiser is pretty simple. Select an appropriate place and time to hold your fundraiser. Have everyone in your group start contacting all their friends to attend. Leverage social media to publicize your event.

Work with a wine merchant to arrange for expert advice and a percentage of the sales. Line up some donated items for silent auctions. Include food and some music and you’re good to go. You can also do the same thing with craft beer, whiskey, or exotic drinks like martinis.

Sticky Note Mosaic
This is a creative fundraiser somewhat akin to sand paintings. Your group creates a giant sticky note mosaic in a public place with lots of foot traffic. Think area mall or another public space during some other big event. Sell sticky note messages for $1 and incorporate those into the overall design by using different colored sticky notes. Get corporate sponsors and lots of publicity so watchers will buy a spot in the mosaic.

Grocery Shopping Spree
This one is a raffle for a chance to win an unlimited grocery shopping spree at a local store. Usually there is a time limit and cart limit involved – something like 10 minutes and 2 simultaneous carts works well. Price your raffle chances at $10 and aim to sell 1,ooo tickets. Hold your drawing at the grocery store and schedule the shopping spree for maximum media coverage for your event and the store. Here’s how to sell more raffle tickets.

Barbecue Competition
This is an outdoor event where you invite top barbecue cooks to compete for top honors. Add live music, specialty foods and celebrity judges and you are in business. You can do the same thing with a chili cookoff. All you need to do then is draw a big crowd by promoting your event with flyers, social media publicity, and media coverage.

I hope you liked my 7 unique fundraising ideas for small groups.