7 Movie Fundraiser Ideas

Having a fundraising movie night is a fun way to raise funds for your group or cause. Here are 7 movie fundraiser ideas that you can use to put together a movie fundraising event at your local cinema or as an outdoor viewing.

7 Movie Fundraiser Ideas

1) Special Advance Screenings

The easiest way to do a movie fundraiser is to signup with Filmraiser.com. Their service will handle all the setup work with a national cinema chain for your group to host a special premiere showing of a new film release.

This is a great way to capitalize on the wildly popular first weekend of a new release by doing an advance screening just for your group. It doesn’t matter if you are an elementary school PTA, a high school club, a youth sports league, or a non-profit organization.

Filmraiser.com Movie Fundraiser

Here’s how you do a movie fundraiser with FilmRaiser:

  • Register your group & get notified of upcoming release dates
  • Select a new movie release and pick an advance screening date
  • Receive your advance tickets and notify your group
  • Arrange $1o donations per ticket via text message to your special number
  • Have fun at your own red carpet movie premiere at Regal Cinemas
  • Receive a check for your 50% share of your event’s movie ticket sales
  • Repeat the movie fundraising process with another new movie premiere

Besides the super easy movie fundraiser offering from FilmRaiser, there are several other ways to raise money with a movie night (or afternoon). These all require a little more effort, but you can also add in some extra fundraising activities like raffles, food & drink sales, etc.

2) Outdoor Movie Night Fundraiser Ideas

Here’s how to host your own outdoor movie showing to raise money for your group:

  • Select a desirable location
  • Rent a giant inflatable movie screen
  • Arrange film rental & projection equipment
  • Publicize your event and sell advance tickets
  • Raise more funds with food, entertainment, contests, raffles, etc.

3) Cinema & Drafthouse Movie Fundraiser

Another great idea is to set up a private movie showing at movie theater that serves food and beverages. You can make it an adults only event, a pizza party, a draft beer night, a kids movie afternoon, or any other type of cinema experience that fits your target demographic.

The whole idea is to create a fun event with broad appeal and encourage everyone to have a good time. Most of these cinemas will give large fundraising groups a share of the food & beverage revenue as well as a discount/rebate on the group’s ticket sales. It’s basically very similar to doing a restaurant night fundraiser.

4-A) Cult Movie Event – Private Showing

Arrange a private showing of cult movies that have large fan bases. That way you can reach beyond just your supporters and broaden your fundraising reach.

Usually, these are geared toward young adults and the more of an event that you make it, the better the turnout. And that leads us to a variation that turns  your movie fundraiser night into a

4-B) Costume Party Movie Fundraiser Idea

Making your cinema night into a costume party lets everyone indulge in a little dressing up for a good time. This works great when you are showing a popular movie (or a classic one) that lends itself well to costume wearing.

Think classic movies like Star Wars, Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Avengers, etc.

Or, you can theme your movie night around a holiday like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, New Years Eve, Independence Day, etc.

5) Movie Ticket Discount Voucher Sales

Many fundraising companies have arrangements with movie chains for sales of movie discount vouchers. You sell these movie tickets at the regular price and keep a portion of the proceeds.

There are usually some restrictions on their usage, such as not being able to use them for the most popular movies the first few weeks of their release. Still, its a fundraising product that’s something that people are already buying, so it’s an eaiser sale than some other fundraising products.

The AMC chain offers these along with several other regional chains

6) Film Festival Fundraiser

A much more elaborate undertaking is to organize your own movie festival and arrange screenings of movies or documentaries that fit your chosen theme. These don’t have to be the latest independent films like the Sundance Film Festival.

It can be a themed film festival such as romance, comedy, horror, science fiction or a documentary festival showing the latest films on topics important to your cause. Don’t be afraid to start small and and then make it into an annual event.

You can also do lots of different things to attract a big crowd by including other types of entertainment, holding contests, arranging costume parties (sci/fi & horror crowd), letting audiences vote on their favorites, giving out awards, having directors talk about their films, etc.

7) Oscar Party Fundraiser – Red Carpet Event

Putting together a red carpet event on Oscar night is a fun way to get people to dress up and enjoy the popular movie awards show at an elegant event. You can rent a theater and arrange a live airing of the televised awards or do things on a smaller scale at a classy location such as an art museum or upscale restaurant.

This article goes into much more detail on how to do your own Oscar Party Fundraiser.

As we’ve seen, there are several good movie fundraiser ideas that you can put to use to raise funds for your group. The more fun you make your fundraiser, the more money you’ll raise.