5 Fundraising Tips

Need some fundraising tips for selling fundraising products? Nearly all youth sports teams require fundraising of some kind to cover the cost of uniforms, equipment, camps, trips and so on. As your funding needs multiply, the amount of work to raise those funds can multiply as well.

Expanding costs often require having to do multiple fundraisers throughout the course of the season. Don’t burn out your volunteers and players. Instead of multiple fundraisers, increase your bottom line with one fundraiser.

Here are five simple fundraising tips:

Tip #1 – Power Up
Tip #2 – Take It Easy
Tip #3 – Make It Quick
Tip #4 – Always Tell Why
Tip #5 – Ask For Donations

#1 – Power Up (With An Overlay)

Trust me, not everyone will want your primary offering. You can add as much as 50% to your fundraising results with a secondary product or “overlay”. Everybody loves having a choice, just don’t make it confusing or a product that competes with your primary fundraising item.

If you’re selling candy or cookie dough, you can also offer a discount card for pizza or a two-for-one deal at a popular fast food chain.

Most discount cards are heavy on the profit and appeal to wider range of supporters. Discount cards are most often valid for one year, allowing you to offer the same or a similar card for next year’s fundraiser overlay.

Discount cards from national fast food or pizza chains will have the most appeal. People can use them on vacation, or buy extras for family and friends.

Make sure the alternate choice is straightforward and easy to explain to supporters. One or two sentences should explain it all.

Always lead with your primary item, but be sure to offer the overlay item whether they make an initial purchase or not.

Example: “If the candy doesn’t appeal to you, we’ve got a great discount card. You get a free pizza with every one you buy at Pizza Palace!”

By broadening your appeal beyond candy lovers to include everyone who enjoys fast food, you’ll easily maximize your bottom line.

#2 – Take It Easy

Go where the people are – shopping centers. It’s what fighter pilots refer to as a “target rich environment.” Your players can reach dozens of qualified prospects each hour.

Why are they qualified? Because they’re already out shopping and thus, receptive to a good sales pitch. Don’t just send your troops door-to-door. Work a simple sales table outside a popular department or grocery store. Be sure to ask the manager’s permission at least a week ahead of time.

Work the table in 90-minute shifts. Use two players, preferably in uniform. Have an adult present behind the table to handle details and track results. (Never allow children to sell alone!)

A folding camp chair greatly helps the “take it easy” approach for the sales supervisor.

A few sales tips – Always greet everyone with a smile. Leave a clear path to the sample merchandise. Make a sign big enough for approaching shoppers to see.

Encourage the kids to use their personality and youth to best advantage. Make sure they talk up the product from their point of view.

#3 – Make It Quick

Let’s face it, people are in a hurry. You want your message to “register” with your prospect in ten seconds or less. If you’re selling from a card table at a shopping center, use simple signs in bold colors. Deliver the gist of your offering clearly and concisely.

Signs made by the team have more appeal than a more “professional” looking sign. A few helium balloons can also attract more people to your sales table.

Example: Football Fundraiser – Free Candy w/Donation

If your team is selling door-to-door, always use a flyer that explains everything. Make sure that your sellers hand the flyer to each prospect as they smile and introduce themselves.

Use bullet points to quickly get the message across.

#4 – Always Tell Why

Your message should always include why your team is raising funds. People enjoy helping out a good cause. Failing to explain what your effort is all about makes it easier for folks to just say no.

Example: “We’re raising money for new uniforms.”

Example: “We’re going to the Regional Championships!”

Each player has a vested interest in raising enough money for the team. This enthusiasm will come through. Show them how to persuade a potential supporter just by telling them why.

#5 – Ask For Donations

Let’s face it, not everyone will want what you’re selling, no matter how great it is. Make sure that your sellers make it clear that a simple donation is always welcomed.

List suggested donation amounts at the bottom of your sales flyer or order form.

If you’re fundraising at a shopping center, keep a big plastic jug clearly labeled “Donations” in a prominent place on your sales table.

By making it easy for someone to make a donation, you’ve eliminated the merchandise requirement.

Any donation goes 100% to the bottom line!

Using any of these five profit boosters will help maximize your results.

Even better, why not use all of these fundraising tips to boost your bottom line.