25 Live Charity Auction Ideas

Here are 25 great live auction ideas for your next charity event that have raised more than their stated value. These live auction items sparked bidding wars because they were so desirable and were among the top performing ideas from all the items offered at 50 charity auctions.

These ideas for live auction items can be used as is or easily adapted to your audience. The list of 25 top-selling charity auction items was prepared by charity auctioneer Sherry Truhlar of Red Apple Auctions. Read what she has to say in the article below.

Ideas For Charity Auction Items

What should you sell in your charity auction? Some believe anything and everything should be included. “Turn no donation away,” is their motto.

But the truth is, you can raise the same amount of money with fewer items, if you’re selective about what to include.

And wouldn’t it be nice to work less and raise more? Your volunteers would thank you for it.

Twenty-five of the top-performing live auction items from last year’s charity auctions are listed below. Each item sold over its stated value, and attracted strong bids from its respective audience. This list of auction item ideas was assembled after reviewing the data from over 50 charity auction galas occurring around the United States.

Consider modeling these great live auction item ideas to improve your charity auction’s results.

Top 25 Live Charity Auction Ideas

  1. One hour private plane flight over the shore or over your house. Take an aerial shot of your home!
  2. Conduct a song at the annual holiday concert
  3. A night of Scottish whiskey tasting for six
  4. Chamber music for your next party
  5. Reserved parking at the facility and a car detail package
  6. 11 rare and limited edition wines for a devoted wine lover
  7. Behind-the-scenes tour and taping of a radio program (in this case, it was NPR’s Tell Me More)
  8. Dinner for eight in your home with a chef from a cool restaurant
  9. A luxury box, and throw the first pitch, at a double-A baseball team game
  10. Ice fishing trip with three experienced fishermen
  11. Mexican cooking class for eight in your home
  12. Dinner for four by the school chef
  13. Behind the scenes tour at the 911 Command Central for your city
  14. Mother daughter high tea
  15. Personal tour and free parking at a museum
  16. Flowers for a year
  17. One butchered lamb
  18. Five days / four nights for two couples in Bordeaux chateaus with behind-the-scene tours and VIP wine tastings
  19. Caddy Shack: Golf-themed party for 75 people
  20. Become a character in a bestselling author’s book
  21. Join a leading cardiothoracic surgeon in the research lab to observe an MRI-guided valve replacement procedure on a pig or a heart transplantation on a baboon. Includes lunch with the surgeon, if you feel like eating afterwards.
  22. Gumbo dinner for twelve
  23. Fly fishing expedition with an admired teacher
  24. Santa visit to your home
  25. A delicious low country boil

Procurement allows you to put your stamp of creativity on the auction gala. Use this list of 25 live auction ideas as a launching pad to procure cool items for your next charity auction.

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About The Author

Fundraising auctioneer Sherry Truhlar has been featured in national publications and television shows for her trend-setting work with nonprofit auctions. This list of 25 items was culled from Sherry’s robust annual Auction Item Guide TM. The Guide lists the top 100 items that sold for over value in auction galas the previous year. It’s one of many free resources helping charity auction committees produce spectacular events. Claim your FREE Auction Item Guide at https://www.RedAppleAuctions.com/.

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