25 Fun Fundraisers Ideas

The more fun your fundraising event is, the more funds you’ll raise because you’ll attract a bigger crowd. Fun fundraisers are the best ideas for raising the most money, so check out this list of  quick & easy fundraising events.

25 Fun Fundraisers Ideas

Top 25 ideas for fun fundraisers:

  1. Zombie Walk/Run/Lurch
  2. Hunger Games Fundraiser
  3. World Record Challenge
  4. Mud Run/Obstacle Course
  5. Casino Night
  6. Cow Pie Bingo
  7. Chili Cook-off/BBQ Competition
  8. Ninja Challenge
  9. Food Truck Rodeo
  10. Craft Beer Fair
  11. Fun Festival
  12. Jingle Bell Walk
  13. Taste Of The Town
  14. Pub Crawl Fundraiser
  15. Diva Night
  16. Beach Party
  17. Mardi Gras
  18. Krispy Kreme Challenge
  19. Dance-a-thon
  20. Bed Race
  21. Game Show Fundraiser
  22. Star Wars/Star Trek
  23. Paintball Tournament
  24. Charity Golf Tournament
  25. Bowling For Bucks

Fun Fundraisers Ideas Explained

These articles have a lot more advice and ideas on how to do these fun fundraisers.

Zombie Fun Run Fundraiser

Zombie Fun Run – You can pretty much do any type of fundraising event with a zombie theme. A walk, a run, a lurch, a prom, a pub crawl, a game night, a convention, etc. Or, just a plain old Zombie Night.

Hunger Games Fundraiser – Inspired by the incredibly popular Hunger Games books and movies, this unique fundraising event combines an archery competition, shooting range, obstacle course and a willingness to eat weird foods. Depending on the number of competitors, you can do the events one at a time or have all four events going on simultaneously with groups rotating between the challenges.

World Record Challenge – A world record fundraising event is one of the best fundraising ideas ever because it provides an appealing challenge that everyone can get excited about. By attempting to set a new Guinness World Record with your fundraising event, you practically guarantee that your event will be newsworthy and attract a huge number of participants.

Mud Run/Obstacle Course – A nice twist on the usual 5k run/walk fundraising event idea is to add water and make your event into a mud run fundraiser. Making it an extreme mud run type of event adds a unique flavor and turns it into more of a fundraising challenge that people want to do with their friends.

Casino Night Fundraiser – Putting together a charity fundraising event like a Casino Night Fundraiser can be a lot of work unless you’re well organized. Events like these often include live entertainment, a catered dinner, live and silent auctions, sponsorships, ticket sales, tax deductible donations, and a host of other details that require plenty of advance planning.

Cow Pie Bingo – What exactly is a cow chip fundraiser? It’s a country-style fundraising event that combines guessing where a cow pie will land with raising funds for your favorite charity, school or church. Turn the cow chip bingo fundraiser event into a big party and include multiple fundraising activities.

Chili Cook-off – Get folks competing for who has the best chili in town and you’ve got a fundraising winner! It’s a great excuse for a block party type of event with music, craft beer, vendor booths, raffles, etc. You can do the same thing with a barbecue competition.

Ninja Challenge – The Ninja Challenge fundraiser is a 5k run filled with challenges designed to bring out your inner ninja. This fundraising event was put together as a benefit for the Red Cross and is a great example of a unique idea converted into a fundraiser.

Food Truck Rodeo – A food truck fundraiser is a great way to raise funds because it doesn’t take a lot of work to set up a contest for top food truck in your area. The basic premise of this fundraising event is that it’s a battle of the food trucks and there will be a whole lot of good fun and great food.

Craft Beer Fair – One fundraising event that draws a big crowd and raises a lot of money is a craft beer fundraiser or Brewfest. Craft beer festivals are already a popular draw with over 1,300 of them scheduled in the U.S. in 2012, according to the web site beerfestival.org.

Fun Festival – 101 festival ideas plus the top 12 fundraising ideas for raising money at your event. A festival fundraiser is a great way to raise funds because events with a fun focal point make it easier to attract a large audience. Festivals also keep people involved longer than most other fundraising events, so they also help you to raise more money per attendee than other event ideas.

Jingle Bell Walk – A fun fundraiser for the holiday season is doing a Jingle Bell Walk for your favorite cause. It can be a great fundraising event for a school, church group, medical research, or any other nonprofit group.

Taste Of The Town – Another great fundraising event idea is to put together a Taste Of The Town fundraiser. This “foodie” event pulls together some of the best food in your town and provides a fun social gathering where attendees can sample all the goodies.

Pub Crawl Fundraiser – Another unique fundraising event idea is organizing a pub crawl to raise funds for your cause. Just pick one of these fun pub crawl ideas or themes below and start planning your fundraiser.

Diva Night – A truly fun fundraiser for women is a Diva Night fundraising event because primping, pampering and partying is always a good time. These type of fundraisers are great for Relay For Life, women’s groups, charity events, breast cancer fundraising events and any other cause that women are passionate about.

Beach Party – Selecting the best fundraising event themes or party ideas is a crucial step. A beach party theme is great for fundraisers because its loads of fun and is easily customized. You can make your beach party fundraiser as large scale as you want, plus you can also hold one in a variety of locations

Mardi Gras – Looking for a fun fundraising event to raise money for your nonprofit, church, or favorite cause? A Mardi Gras Fundraiser could be just the thing.

Costume Party – Hosting a costume party or masquerade ball fundraiser is a great way to raise funds because it gives your supporters a fun and glamorous night out with a blend of elegance and mystery. Its essentially a “dress up night” for adults where everyone can dress to the nines, enjoy fine food and wines, dance to some great music and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Krispy Kreme Challenge – What started out as a few frat boys running from the campus to the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, scarfing down a quick dozen and running back, is now a huge fundraising event a decade later raising over $200k for NC Children’s Hospital. Make up your own fun fundraisers idea by combining a fun run with a local specialty food like breakfast burritos or some local ice cream.

Dance-a-thon – The UNC Dance Fundraiser Marathon in 2013 wrapped up 24 hours of dancing by 1,600 student by raising $430,181 for the N.C. Children’s Hospital. Marathon dance parties can be customized by type of music, location (think block party!), and duration.

Bed Race Fundraiser – What could be more fun than teams competing to race their beds down the street? A bed race fundraiser is another fun fundraising event idea that can raise a lot of money for your cause. Bed races work well as cancer fundraisers or for college groups looking to organize a fun event to raise funds.

Game Show Fundraiser – Doing a game show fundraiser is an easy and fun way to raise funds. Choose a classic game show like Family Feud or The Price Is Right and use it as the centerpiece for a fun fundraising event.

Star Wars vs Star Trek – Organizing a Sci Fi costume party can be great fun and an excuse to party on like its 2099. Lots of ways to customize this type of event to size, location, theme, etc.

Paintball Tournament – Epic battles between competing teams in fast-paced competitions make for a fun fundraiser event. Include other fun activities like raffles, food fights, beer/wine tastings, skills competitions, individual awards, and team standings.

Charity Golf Tournament – Include a great wrap party in the clubhouse with gift bags, craft beer tasting, silent auction, and awards ceremony. You can also do the same thing for kids by putting together a mini-golf tournament.

Bowling For Bucks – This is not your grandmother’s bowling tournament. Costumed teams compete in today’s super hi-tech bowling alleys, complete with disco ball, black lights, rainbow lights and fun entertainments areas. Give awards for best costume, most funds raised, hold some beer & wine tastings, play loud music and just have a great time.

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Fun Fundraisers Profit Tips

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