101 Fundraising Events Ideas

One of the hardest things to do is to come up with unique fundraising events ideas each year, so here is a list of 101 fundraiser event ideas worth checking out. Basically, the more fun and unique you make your event idea, the better the fundraising.

101 fundraising events ideas for your next event

101 Ideas For Fundraising Events

  1. 5k Run/Walk
  2. Antiques Roadshow Fair
  3. Apres Ski Party
  4. Archery Fest
  5. Arm Wrestling Competition
  6. Art Auction
  7. Bake Sale Bash
  8. Bandapalooza
  9. Barbeque Competition
  10. Barn Dance
  11. Basketball Tournament
  12. Battle Of The Bands
  13. Battle Of The Sexes
  14. Beach Party
  15. Bed Race
  16. Bike Ride
  17. Bikeathon
  18. Bingo Night
  19. Bowling Tournament
  20. Bunco Party
  21. Camelot Night
  22. Car Wash Craziness
  23. Casino Night
  24. Celebrity Spelling Bee
  25. Chainsaw Carving Competition
  26. Chair-ity Event
  27. Chili Cookoff
  28. Comedy Night
  29. Cow Chip Bingo
  30. Craft Beer Competition
  31. Cupcake Conquest
  32. Dance Marathon
  33. Eating Contest
  34. Film Festival
  35. Fish Fry
  36. Food Truck Rodeo
  37. Golf Tournament
  38. Halloween Costume Party
  39. Haunted House
  40. Holiday Home Tour
  41. Home & Garden Event
  42. Hunger Games
  43. Ice Cream Social
  44. Ice Sculpture Contest
  45. Jingle Bell Run
  46. Karaoke Night
  47. Kentucky Derby Party
  48. Krispy Kreme Challenge
  49. Let Them Eat Cake
  50. Lying Contest
  51. Mardi Gras Night
  52. Masquerade Ball
  53. Mini-Golf Tournament
  54. Motorcycle Ride
  55. Mustache-a-thon
  56. Mystery Dinner
  57. New Year’s Eve Party
  58. Night At The Races
  59. Ninja Challenge
  60. Oktoberfest
  61. Oscar Party
  62. Over The Edge
  63. Pancake Breakfast
  64. Parade Event
  65. Paragliding Challenge
  66. Pirate Party
  67. Poker Tournament
  68. Polar Bear Plunge
  69. Prom For Parents
  70. Red Nose Day
  71. Restaurant Competition
  72. Rubber Duck Race
  73. Sadie Hawkins Dance
  74. Sand Castle Competition
  75. School Carnival
  76. Scrapbooking Event
  77. Shooting Range
  78. Skeet Shoot
  79. Snowmobile Rally
  80. Soccer Tournament
  81. Softball Tournament
  82. Spelling Bee For Cheaters
  83. Squirrel Hunting
  84. St. Patrick’s Day Party
  85. Storytelling Competition
  86. Street Fair
  87. Super Bowl Super Party
  88. Superhero Fair
  89. Taste of The Town
  90. Teeter Totter Marathon
  91. Thumb Wrestling Championship
  92. Treasure Hunt
  93. Triathalon Competition
  94. Valentine’s Day Party
  95. Waffle Domination
  96. Walkathon
  97. Whiskey Tasting
  98. Wine Tasting
  99. Workshop/Clinic
  100. World Record Attempt
  101. Yoga-thon

Bonus Fundraising Event Ideas: Zombie Night!

As always with any charity event, make sure to follow our advice on social media publicity tips and on getting media coverage because maximizing turnout is maximizing results. Use multiple raffles such as door prizes, reverse raffles, etc. And don’t skimp on the crowd-pleasing auction activity, so use silent auctions, live auctions, impact auctions, chines auctions and every other fundraising method that you can mix in with the fun.

Aim to exceed expectations by making your event the most fun possible, so don’t be afraid to get wildly creative and crazy over the top. And, there’s nothing that says you can’t combine any of these 101 fundraising events ideas together into your own unique mashup.

Zombie Fun Run fundraiser

Think Zombie Fun Run or Pirate Scavenger Hunt or Superhero Thumb Wrestling Championship. Be bold, be fun, be fundraising!