100 Percent Profit Fundraisers

There really are 100 percent profit fundraisers and you see them all the time, often without consciously realizing what they are. A true 100% profit fundraiser is one that is pure donations, plain and simple.

The nice thing about this type of free fundraising activity is that you can use it for seed money to put together larger fundraisers such as helping to pay for events, funding a raffle, or buying some 2-for-1 pizza cards to sell (which are 80% profit themselves).

In this guest article, Amy Passmore of DIY Fundraising discusses this time-honored way of raising funds fast with zero cost. Free fundraisers are a great way to get started or to just avoid all the hoopla of selling a product or staging a charity event.

Fundraising Method Revealed for a Quick and Easy 100 Percent Profit Fundraiser

In this article I will reveal my number one fundraising method for raising money quickly and easily while yielding a one hundred percent profit.

Do you need to raise some money for an emergency or special project? Or, do you just need the funds for your on-going programs? Are you trying to decide on a fundraiser to help you meet your goals?

Your school, club, team, charity, nonprofit, or civic organization can use this method anytime you need to raise money. With this fundraiser you do not need to plan for weeks in advance, assemble a team, sell or deliver anything, You do not have to split the proceeds with a fundraising company because you get to keep all of the money you raise.

My number one fundraising method is called:

Pass The Hat

Yes, it is as simple as that. If your organization is holding a event or program you can simply make an announcement, tell the people in attendance why you need the money, and pass a hat around to collect the donations.

You may be surprised at how much money you can collect using this method. For example, instead of charging admission, a high school choir passes a hat around at every concert and raises over one thousand dollars each time. This is much easier than all that goes into selling tickets to the choir concert. The choir board president makes an announcement telling the audience what the choir is doing and what the needs are. Then, volunteers pass hats around. You can use this method at ball games, banquets, meetings – any event where your supporters are gathered.

Does it need to be a hat that you pass around? Of course not. Fire departments are well known for their “Fill the Boot” fund-raisers. How about passing around a feeding dish to raise money for an animal charity? Or decorating coffee cans with pictures that are relevant to your fund-raising needs. Anything that will hold money and can be passed around can be used.

So, if you are trying come up with ideas your next fundraiser, if you need a quick and easy way to raise money for your cause, maybe all you need to do is “pass the hat.”

About The Author

Amy Passmore of DIY Fundraising is a fundraising consultant for nonprofit organizations, clubs, schools and non-profit groups. Her experience includes everything from running a bake sale to writing winning grant proposals. Visit www.diyfundraising.com for more fundraising ideas for your group. Subscribe to our free RSS feeds from the DIY Fundraising Blog.

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