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Fundraising tips on how to raise more funds with your next fundraiser, plus how to get more volunteers, donations, publicity, and much more.

Five Fundraising Letter Tips

When writing a fundraising letter, there are five things you should do to get more donations. These 5 tips for writing fundraising letters are all about communicating directly with your reader in an engaging manner that captures their interest. A donation appeal letter should personalize your cause by telling a story about a real person, […]

Fundraising Sales Tips

Here are some excellent fundraising sales tips for selling more fundraiser products or raffle tickets. These sales tips cover everything from the psychology behind asking for the sale to the best locations for making way more product sales than ever before. If you want to sell more fundraising products, then you have to know the […]

Girl Selling Fundraising Candy Robbed At Gunpoint By Classmates

A 13-year old Dallas girl selling fundraising candy was robbed at gunpoint by 8 male classmates. A Dallas police report states the girl was selling fundraising candy to help pay for a band trip to the Six Flags amusement park this spring. Fundraising Candy Robbery News Video:

Social Media Publicity Tips

If you want to get more people to your fundraising event, here are some social media publicity tips that will help get the word out. This article doesn’t cover standard publicity methods that you should also be using. You can read more in these two articles here about geting event publicity and getting media coverage […]

Landing Page

eBook Download Page Thank You for purchasing “Fundraising Success” You will now Download Your Purchase   Read all Instructions CAREFULLY! For your convenience, the ebook and bonuses are published for viewing in Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf)… absolutely the best and easiest way to view the material! You can print ONE COPY of each or save […]

Getting Started With Your School Fundraiser – Part 4

Summary: More fundraising tips – Part 4 covers the organizational aspects of your fundraiser. Communication is extremely important for successful fundraisers. In this multi-part fundraising article, these are some of the important points to consider for your fundraiser: Who will do all the work? (Part 1) What are you planning to sell? (Part 2) When […]

Getting Started With Your School Fundraiser – Part 3

Summary: More fundraising tips – Part 3 covers the where and why of your fundraiser. Choose fundraisers that fit the other activities your group is involved with and make sure everyone knows “why” you are doing this particular fundraiser. In this multi-part fundraising article, these are some of the important points to consider for your […]

Getting Started With Your School Fundraiser – Part 2

Summary: Fundraiser action steps in a who, what, when, where, why and how format. Part 2 covers selecting the right fundraising products to sell and selecting the right time for your fundraisers. These are quick tips on getting everything up and running. In this multi-part fundraising article, these are some of the important points to […]

Getting Started With Your School Fundraiser – Part 1

Summary: Fundraising tips on how to get started with your fundraiser.  Part 1 covers who will do all the work. Recruiting volunteers is essential to your fundraising success, so read these tips on building your organization. Fundraising is both an art and a science. The first step is always the hardest. Before we begin, let’s […]

Getting Media Coverage

When non-profit organizations aren’t out changing the world, they’re appealing to supporters and the public for donations. Fundraising is a constant challenge for non-profit organizations and it’s not because people don’t want to give the money – it’s because people don’t always know that there’s a need. That changes by getting media coverage. Fundraising efforts […]

Fundraising Youth Groups

Youth groups are almost always in need of funds. Holding fundraisers to finance important trips like tournaments, museums, and musical events are just some of the needs that have to be met through fundraising. Others include the need for uniforms, sports equipment, art supplies, musical instruments, and more. There are a lot of different ways […]

Fundraising Tips

Here’s a list of all the fundraising tips articles, sorted alphabetically. Tips For All Kinds Of Fundraisers 12 Fundraising Tips – Twelve fundraising tips to raise more funds with your next school fundraiser – Includes sample sales script. 12 Sales Secrets – How to boost your fund raising sales results with twelve sales secrets. 101 […]

Fundraising Tips: Sales

Summary: Fundraising tips on how to boost your sales by setting goals, defining your customers, and using a well-honed sales pitch. Use these tips in your fundraising and watch your sales soar. Don’t waste a fundraising opportunity due to no sales script. 12 Fundraising Sales Secrets How do you maximize your fundraising sales? Here are […]

Fundraising Tips: Get Organized

Summary: Fundraising organizational tips that will boost your profits. Quick tips on planning your fundraiser, organizing volunteers, and leveraging your resources. Fundraisers are more successful when they are well organized. Ten tips on organizing your next fundraiser 1) Have a written project plan Run your fundraiser like a small business. Have a written project plan […]

Fundraising Tips: Merchant Plan

What is a fundraising merchant plan? A merchant plan is a step-by-step outline covering the development of a mutually beneficial relationship with area merchants. Local businesses are an excellent fundraising resource. They should be part of every non-profit group’s fundraising strategy. When asking local merchants to get involved with supporting your organization, think like a […]

Fundraising Tips: Follow-up

The key to continued fundraising success is to follow-up afterwards: Supporters and participants need to be thanked. Merchant contributors need to be debriefed on their results from participating. Records should be gathered, copied, and stored. Communicate the results to everyone involved. Informing everyone who took part in your most recent fundraising is of utmost importance. […]

Fundraising Thermometer

Fundraising Thermometer For Website Here is where you can get a fundraising thermometer for your website to display an image of how close you are to reaching your fundraising goal. Information link: Entropy Farm Instructions: Copy the PHP Source to your server, and then all you need is a good installation of PHP with the […]

Fundraising Successfully

School budgets are short and even cities need help. On top of that, there are all sorts of organizations that are looking to make some extra money to help fund them. Fundraising is the perfect thing to do just that. If you are looking for some remarkable method of fundraising to turn your school or […]

Fundraising Success

Only one fundraising “guru” has all the information and tools that you need in one easy-to-use book, one that outsells all its competitors, and whose strategies will double your results – guaranteed. Using her strategies, you’re about to discover… “How To Make Two, Three, Or Even Four Times As Much With Your Next Fundraising Campaign. […]

Fundraising Sample

How To Get Fundraising Product Samples Many groups would like to see a fundraising sample before finalizing their fundraiser product choice. In the past, it’s been difficult to find a reputable company that will send you some free samples without obligation. Well, the good news is that eFundraising, a division of Time,Inc., will send you […]

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