Preferred Fundraising Suppliers

We get a ton of questions every day about what fundraising suppliers have great products, are easy to work with, and who do we recommend. In the past, we’ve hemmed and hawed, not wanting to directly recommend one firm over another.

Preferred Fundraising Suppliers

Well, you know what? It’s 2005 now and all suppliers aren’t created equal! We really should recommend the firms that we know and trust. Each supplier does a great job in their own niche and any of them will be a great choice for your next fundraiser.

Fundraiser Help: Preferred Suppliers List

WebsiteCompany Description & Special Offers
90% fundraiser with Scratch & HelpA scratch for your fundraising itch! Scratch & Help offers a whopping 90% profit. We personalize your booklets with your team or group logo. Donors get great coupons as a ?thank you?.
Visit us for a free sample.
Recycling Fundraiser from FundingFactoryFundingFactory helps schools and nonprofit organizations, clubs,
sports teams and many other groups… Unlock the Power to fundraising success. The largest free recycling fundraising program in the United States and Canada, FundingFactory offers FREE technology, sports & recreation equipment, playground systems and even CASH in exchange for empty inkjet & laser printer cartridges and used cell phones.
Fundraising Discount CardsGold Key Fundraising – The Gold Key Discount Card features 12 to 20 local businesses providing discounts on products and services to cardholders in your area. Fundraising with our Gold Key Discount Card delivers a high profit margin for your group. Free samples!
Portrait StudiosPutting On The Ritz– A unique, new fundraiser that has small groups raising $2,500 to $5,000 in just two weeks! 100% PROFIT! No Cash Outlay, No Deposits, No Distribution, No Hassle.
Just an easy program that is proven positive and profitable.
Aromalight CandlesVisit our site for free info on our best fundraising program ever.
No minimum orders. Up to 60% profit on highest quality, premium triple scented candles. Free shipping available! Receive a FREE brochure and fundraising info by mail (with no obligation).
Tupperware FundraisingTupperware Fundraising Division – Earn 40% profit with a strong brand name. Tupperware offers a fresh idea in fundraising. We have been serving America’s nonprofits since 1997.
Free shipping. Fast delivery.

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