Fundraising Event Ideas

Articles from Fundraiser Help covering fundraising event ideas in considerable detail with an emphasis on raising more funds from your fundraiser events. To raise the maximum amount from your event, be sure to follow our tips on using multiple raffles and multiple auction formats.

Fundraising events that raise a lot of money are usually fun event ideas that attract a big crowd. The more fun your event is, the bigger the attraction. That doesn't mean that the crowd will just show up on its own, so remember to target your publicity efforts towards both traditional media and social media channels.

Fund A Need Auction

Fund A Need Auction Tips

A Fund A Need auction segment is the most important part of your charity benefit event. Why? Because when done correctly that is where you raise the most money. If you are not doing a Fund A Need, then you’re doing it all wrong. The Fund A Need, Special Pledge Appeal, Paddle Raise, Impact Auction, […]

Pub Crawl Fundraiser

Bar Crawl Bingo

Another unique fundraising event idea is organizing a pub crawl to raise funds for your cause. Just pick one of these fun pub crawl ideas or themes below and start planning your fundraiser. Pub Crawl Ideas Zombie Pub Crawl Craft Beer Crawl ShakesBeer Crawl Superhero Bar Crawl Pirate Pub Crawl Snuggie Crawl Mustache Crawl Crazy […]

Trivia Night Fundraiser

How To Organize A Trivia Night Fundraiser

Another fun and inexpensive fundraising event idea is holding a trivia night fundraiser. Here’s some how to advice on putting together your own trivia night and the best ways to raise funds for your cause at a simple event like this. How To Organize A Trivia Night Fundraiser Pick A Good Date – Saturday nights […]

Craft Fair Fundraiser

Craft Fair Fundraiser

Details on how to put together a craft fair fundraiser to raise money for your non-profit group or favorite cause. This creative fundraising idea works well for small groups, schools, churches and community organizations. One of the nice things about fundraising with a craft fair is that there are so many different ways that you […]

Fundraising Auction Tips: Meet, Greet & Thank

Fundraising Auction Tips

One of the best fundraising auction tips is to warmly meet and greet each guest and afterward, thank them for attending and for their support. The whole idea is to make each guest feel welcome and appreciated. And nothing says we appreciate your support better than a personal thank you within 24 hours of your […]

101 Fundraising Auction Donations Sources

101 Sources For Fundraising Auction Donations

An extensive list of sources for fundraising auction donations from companies with links to online donation request information for each business. These fundraising auction donation sources provide items ranging from $25 gift cards all the way up to cruise ship vacations. This list will save you hours of time compared to finding all these fundraising […]

Fun Raising Friday 19

10 Fun Fundraising Event Ideas

Time for another look at 10 fun fundraising event ideas from across the country. This Fun Raising Friday roundup features fun fundraisers like The Betty Bash, the Running Of The Roaches, and a glass pumpkin art fundraiser where 1,400 pieces sold out in just two hours. The best fundraisers are ones that are a lot […]

Tips For Running A Silent Auction

Tips For Running A Silent Auction

Silent auctions are a great way to raise money, but require a lot of coordinated effort. These tips for running a silent auction will help you procure more items, liven up your event, get everything setup right, make it run smoothly, and maximize your results. Procuring Silent Auction Items Your Group – Start with the […]

Mac And Cheese Fundraiser

Mac And Cheese Fundraiser

A mac and cheese fundraiser is a simple and fun way to raise funds for any size group. There are literally dozens of fundraiser event variations you can include, but it can be just as easy as doing a pancake breakfast or you can make it as big as an outdoor chili cook-off. Here are […]

50 Fundraising Auction Tips

50 Fundraising Auction Tips

At charity events, the fundraising auction activity is what raises the most money. Here are 50 fundraising auction tips to help you maximize your success with advice on both live and silent auctions, plus how to blend them together for best results. 25 Live Fundraising Auction Tips Saturday Night – You’ll raise more money by […]

Fun Raising Friday 18

Ten unique and fun fundraising event ideas

Time for a look at 10 more fun fundraising events from across the country that other groups are doing to raise money for their cause. If you’re looking for some fun fundraiser ideas, this is great place to start. Mariachi Festival Fundraiser – Our Lady of Guadalupe church in San Jose, CA is hosting a […]

Fun Raising Friday 17

Fun Raising Friday - Ten Fun Fundraisers

Fun Raising Friday is all about putting the fun back into your fundraising events, so here are 10 fun fundraising ideas that other groups across the country are using to raise funds for their cause. The more fun you can make your fundraiser, the more money you’ll raise because more people will want to attend […]

Add Excitement To Your Fundraising Event

Fundraising Event Prize Wheel

The best way to raise more money at your fundraising event is to add more fun and excitement. An easy way to do that is to add some dramatic flair with raffles and prize drawings that grab everyone’s interest. By adding attention-getting raffle drums and prize wheels, you will increase participation in your raffles and […]

Service Auction Fundraiser

Raise Funds With A Service Auction

Another easy way to raise funds is with a service auction or skills auction. Essentially you are raising money by offering the skills and services of your supporters to the highest bidder. These are skills or services that people are already paying for, so its easy to get bidders interested in these types of auction […]

Fun Raising Friday 16

Fun Raising Friday #16 - Ten fun fundraising events

Another look at 10 fun fundraising events from across the country that other non-profit organizations are using to raise funds for their cause. Its amazing to see how creative a lot of groups are at coming up with fun ideas for fundraisers. Here’s the latest list of Fun Raising Friday festivities: Amazing Race Fundraiser – […]

How To Organize A Charity Run/Walk

How To Organize A Charity Run/Walk

I get a lot of questions about how to organize a charity run/walk event and that’s a fairly deep subject. As I was about to write up how to do a charity run from scratch, I was glad to run across this article from Rohan Miller, who is an event specialist for The Active Network […]

RWA Literacy Fundraiser

2013 RWA Literacy Fundraiser Event

The Romance Writers of America is holding their 2013 literacy fundraiser at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis on July 17, 2013. Over 450 romance writers will be there to sign their books for fans, including best-selling authors such as Nora Roberts, Sylvia Day, Brenda Jackson, and Jude Deveraux. The RWA literacy fundraiser is a rare chance […]

Touch A Truck Fundraiser Event

Touch A Truck Fundraiser

Another fun fundraising idea is to hold a Touch A Truck Fundraiser which is just a really fun event for kids and their families to explore giant trucks, earth movers, ambulances, drilling rigs, and other massive mobile machines. And of course, a touch a truck event also works well as a fundraiser for youth sports […]

Luau Fundraiser Ideas

Luau Fundraiser Ideas

Another great fundraising party theme is hosting a luau fundraiser to raise funds for your cause. A luau-themed fundraiser is great for small groups because its easy to put together and can be held in a variety of settings ranging from a community pool to a large indoor event space. You can make your luau […]

Paintball Fundraiser

Paintball Team Tournament Fundraising Ideas

Another fun fundraising idea for small groups and sports teams is doing a paintball fundraiser tournament to raise money. Like many other sports-themed events, a paintball team competition is fun way to fundraise for a cause or an individual in need. Doing a paintball team fundraiser tournament is surprisingly easy because most paintball facilities provide […]

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