Tina Cincotti

Tina Cincotti, owner and principal consultant of Funding Change, is a fundraising consultant, trainer and coach. She is committed to helping organizations raise more money by building stronger relationships with their donors. Tina can be reached at tina@fundingchangeconsulting.com, at 617-477-4505 or or follow her at twitter/TinaFCC. To get more expert fundraising advice, sign up for her free monthly e-newsletter at http://www.fundingchangeconsulting.com.

Grant Funding Foundations Tips

One of the best tips for grant funding from foundations is to build relationships with the funders, i.e. the key personnel making the funding decision. And just how do you go about building those relationships to improve your chances of getting your grant funded?Fundraising consultant Tina Cincotti, founder of the consulting group Funding Change, explains […]