Sheila Barsness

Sheila Barsness is a Professional Grant Writer and Fundraising Consultant with 12 years of successful experience as both an Executive Director for a non-profit and as a free-lance writer/consultant. In case you decide you need help getting started or are looking for someone to write the grant for you, visit her website

Sheila has helped communities and non-profits raise more than $23 million in which $7 million of that came from grants. She has proven experience raising money for conservation efforts, historical, human/social services, rural and economic development, and youth programs.

Sheila work with non-profits, small businesses and local governments to make a difference.

Applying For Federal Grants

Applying for Federal grants can be confusing and time-consuming for both businesses and non-profit organizations. The best way to go about it is to be prepared with all the required information such as obtaining a DUNS number, registering with the System for Award Managment (, and getting all your documents in order.Grant application expert Sheila […]