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Fundraising Ideas
: Articles

Fundraising ideas for school fundraisers, church fundraising, youth sports team fundraiser sales, and nonprofit charity events. We cover fundraisers, fundraising events, fund raising programs, fundraiser companies, and school activities fund raisers.

Looking for some easy fundraiser ideas? We provide more than 1,000 pages of advice and extra profit tips, plus lots of unique ideas for fundraiser events!

Silent Auction Ideas
: Silent auction do’s and don’ts

Detailed advice on how to raise more money with your next silent auction. Discover the top 10 silent auction items, use our Ultimate Donation List with links to over 150 businesses who will donate items to your auction or raffle, plus tips on how to run a silent auction.

Raffle Ideas
: – Raise funds fast with raffles

How-to advice for running your own raffle, the four types of raffles to choose from, how to sell more raffle tickets, what items to raffle, links to state and federal raffle laws, how to get items donated by local businesses, how to get corporate sponsorships and much more.

Fundraiser Ideas – Direct links to popular articles:


Cookie Dough

Event Idea 1

Krispy Kreme



Discount Cards

Event Idea 2


Sales Tips


Donor Recognition

Event Idea 3

Merchant Plan


Car Wash

Easy Fundraisers













Youth Group

: Supplier Cross-Reference

Fundraisers and supplier listings in 183 different categories, cross-referenced by category. Great source for school fundraising companies, distributors, and suppliers. Get ideas for easy fundraisers for any size youth group or high school sports team.

Fundraising Events
: More Fundraiser Ideas

Fundraising events and programs for groups of all sizes. Fundraising events articles focused on specific fundraiser ideas including Auction, Mystery Dinner Theater, Group Dinner, School Athlet-A-Thon,  Musical Theater, Night At The Races, Bed Race Cancer Event, Rubber Duck Race, Clean Comedians, Portrait Photography, Fun Beauty Pageant, Mondo Yard Sale, Car Wash, and Charity Golf Tournament. Unique free fundraising ideas!

Fund Raising: How-to Articles

Key organizational articles packed with fund raising advice on getting publicity, recruiting volunteers, easy selling tips for nonprofit organizations, and how to add a merchant plan. Lots of how-to information for fundraisers and great school fundraising tips.

: Comparison Ratings

Fundraiser ratings – Compare which are the most profitable, the easiest to do, amount of effort involved, etc. Find the best fundraisers for your non-profit organization, school fund raisers, church fundraiser, or youth group fund raiser.

Fund Raising Ideas
: Sales Tips

Great sales tips for getting the best results from your efforts. These fundraiser ideas are lengthy excerpts from my book – Fundraising Success. All of these fund raising tips are guaranteed to help your charity, school, or church group improve your bottom line.

Maximize your fund raising success

Fund Raisers
: Supplier Profiles

Profiles of 400+ suppliers of fund raisers with complete details on the various fund raising companies – what products they carry, links to their websites, and phone numbers for quick answers. Using the right fund raisers brings your fundraiser ideas to life and maximizes your success.

Fundraiser Ideas
: New!

Great forum for sharing fundraiser tips with other site visitors. Read the latest posts on what other school fund raising groups are doing. Share information with each other about successful team fundraisers and special events.

School Fundraisers
: School Fundraiser Tips

School fundraisers that consistently produce excellent results. Articles on cheerleading fundraisers, elementary and high school fund raising, soccer fund-raising, band fund-raiser, plus more great event-style fundraisers for other school-related groups.

Fundraising Letters
: Sample Letters & More

Sample fundraising letters that you can copy. See which donation fund raising letters work for other non-profit groups. Find detailed “how to” advice on writing donation request letters, thank you letter tips, and how to phrase your ask to get the best response rate.

Nonprofit Software: Cool Tools

Organizational and accounting software reviews and program suppliers. Short descriptions of nonprofit donor recognition software and internet features. Links to the top 10 companies.

My Book
: Fundraising Success

Discover best practices for elementary and high school fund raising and nonprofit organizations. Contains everything that’s in the web site and more (1,000+ pages). Includes ebook ordering info (only $17) and easy download links.

Fund Raiser Companies Links
: A-Z Supplier Listings

Web site links for companies, consultants, professionals, and descriptions of each supplier. All the major suppliers and organizations in the business, grouped from A through Z.

: Years of Back Issues

Newsletter Archives – Copies of monthly issues from the last three years packed with great elementary and high school fundraising events. We cover fun  fundraisers, activities, games, and projects to raise funds. We also provide plenty of how-to articles and tips on fund raisers.

We’ve got more info for fund raisers than you can shake a stick at! Post your fundraiser events (or any other nonprofit, school or church fund raiser topics) in our new online forum.

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Our articles include profit-boosting tips on cookie dough and candy fundraisers, activities for band and cheerleading groups, plus dozens of articles on various school fund raiser events and programs.

Name your fundraiser – activities, auction, band, boy scouts, brick, business, calendar, canada, candle, cancer, candy, capital campaign, capital campaigns, carnival, car wash, casino night, catalog, charity, cheerleading, chocolate, christian, christmas, church, citrus, college, community, companies, consultants, cookbook, cookie dough, creative, discount cards, donor, easy, elementary school, environment, event idea, events, free, free fundraising ideas, fruit, fun, games, gift wrap, girl scouts, golf, high school, holiday, international, internet, letter, letters, little league, lollipop, magazine, non-profit, nonprofit, online, opportunities, organizations, pizza, products, programs, projects, pta, pto, schools, school spirit, scout, scratch card, soccer, software, special events, sports, student,  team, tips, unique, youth, youth group, youth sports, you name it – we can help.

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